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RMGT 6 Series Offset Presses

a complete line of A2 size offset presses by RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology

RMGT 690ST-4

4-Color 20″ x 27.01″ Offset Press

Available with LED-UV Printing System

The most significant advancement in UV technology in 30 years!

RMGT 6 Series Offset Presses

The RMGT 6 Series of A2-size offset printing presses have inherited the excellent functions and performance of the RMGT 7 Series. Boasting superior productivity, outstanding performance and high reliability, these presses can handle a wide range of printing work.

The lineup features sheet sizes up to 27.01″ (686mm), a maximum printing speed of 15,000 sheets per hour, convertible perfecting capability, and offset quality with short run capabilities.

Available with RMGT LED-UV Technology

The RMGT LED-UV System is an available option on the RMGT 6 series offset presses. The LED-UV System dries printed sheets instantly, and offers impressive energy savings with superior ease of use. This system greatly reduces energy consumption, reduces heat-related shrinkage of printing media and also features a much longer lifespan than conventional lamp systems. The LED-UV System is completely powderless and produces zero ozone pollution, making it very eco-friendly.

690PF-10… 10-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (10/0, 5/5)(10/0, 6/4)

690PF-8… 8-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (8/0, 4/4)

690ST-6… 6-Color 20″ x 27.01 Straight Offset Press
690PF-6… 6-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (6/0, 5/1)(6/0, 4/2)

690ST-5… 5-Color 20″ x 27.01 Straight Offset Press
690PF-5… 5-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (5/0, 4/1)(5/0, 3/2)

690ST-4… 4-Color 20″ x 27.01 Straight Offset Press
690PF-4… 4-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (4/0, 2/2)

690ST-2… 2-Color 20″ x 27.01 Straight Offset Press
690PF-2… 2-Color 20″ x 27.01″ with Fully Automatic Convertible Perfecting Device (2/0, 1/1)

  • Max Printing Speed: 15,000 Sheets Per Hour
  • Max Sheet Size: 508 x 686 mm (20″ x 27.01″)
  • Max Printing Area: 495 x 660 mm (19.49″ x 25.98″)
  • Paper Thickness: 0.04 – 0.6 mm (0.0016″ – 0.024″)
  • Double-diameter transfer cylinder for stable sheet transport
  • Program inking, an automatic plate changing system, various preset devices, and other automation systems significantly shorten make-ready
  • Incorporating V-type feeder, the same high performance feeder as RMGT 10 series
  • Fully automatic convertible perfecting device is capable of one-pass perfecting
  • Thick cardboard specification model can handle sheet thicknesses up to 0.8 mm (option)
  • Inline varnish coating protects the printed surface and increases added value
  • An IR, UV, or LED-UV curing unit can be installed at the delivery section (option)
  • Shorter Lead Times
    • With no need to wait for printed sheets to dry, work can immediately move on to subsequent processes
    • No space is needed to store printed sheets while they dry
  • Environment Friendly
    • Powderless printing ensures a cleaner work environment
    • LED-UV ink is recyclable and easily removable
    • Lower energy consumption leading to reduced CO2 emissions
  • Consistent Print Quality
    • No set-off, so printed sheets can be stacked immediately after printing
    • No color changes due to dry-down
    • No problem with powder dropping on to printed sheets
  • Compatible with Special Media
    • Printing is possible on resin film, synthetic paper, metalized paper and other types of special media
  • Greatly Reduced Power Consumption
    • LED-UV uses 1/8th of the power a conventional UV lamp system needs
    • Light source can be instantly switched on/off to suit the operating status, reducing power consumption during job turnover
  • No Ozone Smell
    • No need to install deodorizing equipment or exhaust ducts
    • LED-UV systems can be used in congested areas
  • No Infrared Light
    • LED-UV perfectors produce no infrared light, so the unit generates much less heat
    • Printed sheets do not shrink due to heat
    • The LED-UV system is compatible with resin film and other media
  • Long Life
    • Conventional UV Lamp Systems = 1,000 to 3,000 lifetime hours
    • LED-UV Systems = 15,000 lifetime hours
    • UV lamp systems must remain lit during job changeover, the LED-UV system can be switched off

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