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RMGT 11 Series Offset Presses

a complete line of large format offset presses by RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology

RMGT 1130TP-10

10-Color (5/5) Tandem Perfector 32.28″ x 44.49″ Offset Press

RMGT 1130ST-5

5-Color Straight 32.28″ x 44.49″ Offset Press


6-Color Straight 32.28″ x 44.49″ Offset Press with Coater and Long Delivery

Available with LED-UV Printing System

The most significant advancement in UV technology in 30 years!

RMGT 11 Series Offset Presses

The RMGT 11 ST (straight press) was developed based on mechanisms offering proven rigidity, an inking device and dampening system that provide exceptional printing quality, and a seven o’clock cylinder arrangement with double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders. This high-performance press boasts the latest state-of-the-art printing technologies.

The RMGT 11 LX (wide stock range press) features a sheet transfer system that employs unique air management technology and a skeleton transfer cylinder that keeps the surface of the printed sheets from coming into contact with the cylinder. This prevents scratching and smearing, ensuring high printing quality. The lineup also includes models with coating units and curing units to handle high-grade high-gloss printing work.

The RMGT 11 TP is a unique tandem perfector press on which the reverse-side printing units are connected to a straight printing press via a special translink unit. After printing the reverse side, the front side is printed without reversing the sheets, eliminating various limitations typically associated with perfecting. This also makes it possible to perform perfecting on heavy stock. UV perfecting is also possible by equipping the translink unit with a UV curing unit, providing high-grade printing with no difference in printing quality between the front and reverse sides.

Available with RMGT LED-UV Technology

The RMGT LED-UV System is an available option on the RMGT 11 series offset presses. The LED-UV System dries printed sheets instantly, and offers impressive energy savings with superior ease of use. This system greatly reduces energy consumption, reduces heat-related shrinkage of printing media and also features a much longer lifespan than conventional lamp systems. The LED-UV System is completely powderless and produces zero ozone pollution, making it very eco-friendly.

  • ST Series (Straight Press)
    • Max Printing Speed: 15,000 Sheets per Hour
    • Max Sheet Size: 32.28″ x 44.49″ (820 x 1,130 mm)
    • Max Printing Area: 31.89″ x 44.09″ (810 x 1,120 mm)
    • Paper Thickness: 0.002″ – 0.024″ (0.04 – 0.6 mm)
    • SimulChanger fully automatic simultaneous plate changer can change the plates for all units in just 90 seconds
    • Easy maintenance, including a function to quickly and easily check the roller nip
    • Sheet transfer system’s unique air management technology ensures smooth sheet transfer all the way from the feeder to the delivery section
    • Multi-mode dampening system switches the dampening mode according to ink coverage required
    • Newly developed press information display with a large 55-inch screen enables the operator to easily monitor printing quality and operating status in real time from the delivery section (option)
  • LX Series (Wide Stock Range Press)
    • Max Printing Speed: 15,000 Sheets per Hour
    • Max Sheet Size: 32.28″ x 44.49″ (820 x 1,130 mm)
    • Max Printing Area: 31.89″ x 44.09″ (810 x 1,120 mm)
    • Paper Thickness: 0.002″ – 0.039″ (0.04 – 1.0 mm)
    • Skeleton transfer cylinder keeps surface of printed sheets from coming into contact with cylinder
    • Air chamber below transfer cylinder ensures stable sheet transfer for a wide range of sheet thicknesses
    • Gripper height adjustment device adjusts the gripper pad height on the transfer cylinder according to the sheet thickness
    • Remote controlled ink oscillating rollers dead point positioning (ink light and shade position remote control) and other ink adjustment devices specially for printing on heavy stock (optional)
    • Automatic non-stop feeder and delivery shutter boosts productivity for continuous printing on heavy stock (option)
    • Delta-type dampening system eliminates the need for hickey removal when printing on heavy stock (option)
    • Chamber coater system maintains a consistent coating thickness regardless of printing speed (option)
  • TP Series (Tandem Perfector Press)
    • Max Printing Speed: 13,000 Sheets per Hour
    • Max Sheet Size: 32.28″ x 44.49″ (820 x 1,130 mm)
    • Max Printing Area: 31.89″ x 44.09″ (810 x 1,120 mm)
    • Paper Thickness: 0.002″ – 0.024″ (0.04 – 0.6 mm)
    • Special translink unit smoothly transfers sheets from the reverse-side printing units to the front-side printing units without turning the sheets over
    • Sheet transfer is performed without changing the gripping side, so plate making position is the same for the front and reverse sides
    • Virtually no fan-out, so front and reverse register precision is comparable to that on a straight press
    • Configuration can be freely selected from among 1 to 5 reverse-side printing units and 1 to 5 front-side printing units according the job requirements
  • Shorter Lead Times
    • With no need to wait for printed sheets to dry, work can immediately move on to subsequent processes
    • No space is needed to store printed sheets while they dry
  • Environment Friendly
    • Powderless printing ensures a cleaner work environment
    • LED-UV ink is recyclable and easily removable
    • Lower energy consumption leading to reduced CO2 emissions
  • Consistent Print Quality
    • No set-off, so printed sheets can be stacked immediately after printing
    • No color changes due to dry-down
    • No problem with powder dropping on to printed sheets
  • Compatible with Special Media
    • Printing is possible on resin film, synthetic paper, metalized paper and other types of special media
  • Greatly Reduced Power Consumption
    • LED-UV uses 1/8th of the power a conventional UV lamp system needs
    • Light source can be instantly switched on/off to suit the operating status, reducing power consumption during job turnover
  • No Ozone Smell
    • No need to install deodorizing equipment or exhaust ducts
    • LED-UV systems can be used in congested areas
  • No Infrared Light
    • LED-UV perfectors produce no infrared light, so the unit generates much less heat
    • Printed sheets do not shrink due to heat
    • The LED-UV system is compatible with resin film and other media
  • Long Life
    • Conventional UV Lamp Systems = 1,000 to 3,000 lifetime hours
    • LED-UV Systems = 15,000 lifetime hours
    • UV lamp systems must remain lit during job changeover, the LED-UV system can be switched off

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