Plastikoil Coil Manufacturing & Interline Systems

high production coil manufacturing and inserting systems

Plastikoil NCF6 Concept Former

The PBS NCF6 Concept Former provides for in-house coil manufacturing.

  • Coil Diameter Capabilities from 6mm to 30mm with options up to 50mm.
  • Multiple Pitch options – .2475″ / 4:1 / 6 mm / 5:1 / 3:1 / 2.5:1, custom pitches also available.
  • Min / Max lengths – 6.5″ to 18″ (16 – 46 cm).
  • Optional slide-in extension table for lengths up to 43″ (109 cm).
  • An enhanced state of the art PLC Control system.
  • Color Touchscreen with a very User Friendly Interface making set up and changeovers even easier.
  • Pre-programmed temperature and machine speed values for each coil size, optimized for MAXIMUM productivity.
  • Enhanced system status monitoring (watchdog features) complete with fault log to aid with service and maintenance.
  • An electrical system complete with breakers. No replacement fuses needed.
  • 3 phase AC motors and variable frequency drives.
  • Empty Spool Detection system allows for easier and quicker spool changes.
  • Improved ergonomics with the Control Touchscreen and E-stop at the front of the machine for easier operator access.
  • Easy mandrel changeover.
  • Positive Hexagon Mandrel Drive.
  • Cost effective IMC (Interchangeable Mandrel Components).
  • Unique Spool Brake design.
  • Safety shields on the heater drum.
  • Air cylinder coil eject.
  • Automatic Oiling System.
  • Small footprint.
  • Smooth, quiet, simple operation.
  • Self-reliant / Minimal operator supervision.
  • Hot Start option – Stop / Start with zero waste.
  • Optional packaging systems.
  • Interline capabilities with the PBS 3000QS4 Auto Inserter(s).
  • Optional packaging / single and dual interline modules pre-configured into the control system make expansion easy.

Plastikoil Concept QS Interline Systems

Combine the PBS 3000QS4 with a PBS NCF6 Concept Former for the ultimate in in-house coil manufacturing and production!

  • Plastikoil Concept QS Single Interline System:
    • In-house coil manufacturing interlined with automated coil insertion.
    • Coil produced and immediately conveyed into position for insertion into book.
    • Manufacture the coil you need when you need it.
    • Free up valuable inventory floor space.
    • Coil forming capabilities from 6mm to 30mm (50mm not available when interlining).
    • One operator handles the entire setup.
    • Hands free coil placement dramatically speeds up binding productivity.
    • Hot Start feature allows the former to stop and start with zero waste.
    • Operate in unison or detach when necessary for independent production.
    • Productivity ratings as high as 800 books per hour!
    • Can be expanded to a Concept QS2 Dual Interline System.
  • Plastikoil Concept QS2 Dual Interline System:
    • The first DUAL Interline system for plastic binding with two interlined PBS 3000QS4 Auto Coil Inserters keeping pace with the Plastikoil NCF6 Concept Formers’ high speed production output.
    • All of the advantages of in-house coil manufacturing.
    • Bindery labor savings as high as 65%.
    • Modular design, operate as a Dual Interline or operate with one Inserter inline and one Inserter offline to bind two different jobs at the same time.
    • Maximize bindery productivity without the need to invest in a second forming machine.
    • Productivity ratings as high as 1400 books per hour!

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