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DigiFold Pro 385

The Morgana DigFold Pro 385, high Speed Creaser-Folder with fully automatic setup and deep pile feeder is the latest addition the the Morgana range of creaser-folders. The DigiFold Pro 385 is the latest, fourth generation of the DigiFold series, offering further levels of automation to meet today’s demanding applications. It is specifically designed for digital and offset printers who have a need to crease and fold digitally printed, heavy weight or cross grained stock.

The DigiFold Pro 385 is equipped with the very latest in technology to enable automatic set up of jobs, including setting of all feeder functions and fold roller settings, by selecting just a few simple parameters on the Morgana SmartScreen touch screen control. The new deep pile feeder allows stacking of up to 17.72″ of paper to enable longer runs and is equipped with a SmartStep table drop for fast loading of shorter run jobs.

Paper feeding is controlled by a new vacuum top feeding drum that can automatically change between a wide range of paper types and thickness with little operator intervention.

The DigiFold Pro 385 is equipped with a DynaCrease blade and matrix, to allow the highest speed when creasing and folding, and with a fixed blade and matrix for crease only mode. This allows operators to select the widest range of applications to be produced from the SmartScreen with all other functions being set automatically. The unique DynaCrease system places creases into the stock while running to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. This system allows production at up to 6,000 sheets per hour.

The DigiFold Pro 385 is controlled entirely by the latest version of the Morgana SmartScreen touchscreen control. Sheet size and thickness are entered, along with finish fold type, all other functions are then set automatically by the machine, including the air separation, side guide position, fold roller, and table height. For non-standard sheet sizes or fold types, an alpha-numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named as you choose, making job recall much easier using your own name.

  • Crease & fold sheets up to 0.4mm without cracking
  • Intuitive SmartScreen touch screen control
  • Suction fed top feeder
  • 17.72″ deep pile feeder
  • 6,000 sheets per hour
  • Crease only mode
  • Patented ‘Flying Knife’ folding mechanism
  • Maximum sheet size: 15.16″ x 27.5″
  • Creasing blade and matrix guaranteed for life
  • In-line perforating as standard

DigiFold Pro

The Morgana DigiFold Pro creases and folds digitally printed, heavy-weight, or cross grained stock. The DigiFold Pro is a stand alone paper creasing and folding machine that is easy to use, and has been one of Morgana’s best selling products since 2001. The productivity of the DigiFold Pro has been increased by a very creditable 20% and will now crease and fold at 6,000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy demanded by users of previous DigiFold models.

Morgana is recognized as a leading innovator in the development of finishing systems. The DigiFold Pro features Morgana’s patented flying knife technology which was developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks that are caused by folding using conventional methods. This creaser-folder can be used performing both functions in a single pass, as a stand alone creaser when folding is not required or as a perforator when creasing and folding are not required.

Morgana’s SmartScreen touch screen control panel ensure easy of operation, and simple, fast usage. The DigiFold is the market leader and the product of choice for most digital printing professionals. As its name suggests the new DigiFold Pro incorporates the all new SmartScreen panel making it simpler to use and offering increased functionality for the user.

  • SmartScreen touch screen operation
  • 6,000 sheets per hour
  • Takes stock up to 0.015″ (approximately 150lb cover)
  • Alpha-numeric memory
  • PosiFeed feed system
  • 27.5″ x 15″ sheet size (35.4″ x 15″ with optional extension table)
  • Crease and fold without cracking

DocuFold Pro

The Morgana DocuFold Pro is a fully automatic paper folding machine, ideal for folding offset or digital stock.

Equipped with the latest SmartScreen technology, it enables an operator with minimum training to carry out a variety of folds from an icon driven touch screen. An unlimited alpha numeric memory is available to store all standard and non standard jobs.

Key to the DocuFold Pro design criteria was a machine with a high degree of automation. Enter the sheet size and fold type on the DocuFold Pro SmartScreen and the machine automatically adjusts the fold plates and delivery rollers electronically.

  • Powerful suction feeder
  • 7″ SmartScreen touch screen
  • Side lay alignment of the sheets, prior to folding
  • Low pressure suction chamber to control curled paper before it enters the fold rollers
  • Fully enclosed fold plates, fitted with anti-static brushes
  • Plug in perforating and scoring attachment
  • Variable speed up to 27,500 sheets per hour
  • Catch tray to collect work for perforating or scoring
  • Driven delivery belt stacker
  • Counting & batching
  • Double sheet, and jam detector

Major Folder

The Morgana Major Folder has been designed to offer a wide range of big machine features within a compact and easy to operate design. Changing from one size to another, or for different folds, can be accomplished in seconds.

A number of unique features have been developed to ensure that the Major folder can handle output from digital processes as well as offset printing. Like all Morgana products, the Major folder offers unmatched performance and value.

A larger sheet size of 14.3″ wide x 25.5″ long makes the Major folder even more flexible. The machine speed is fully adjustable from 4,500 to 27,500 sheets per hour, giving the operator complete control over the production of a wide range of stocks.

  • Powerful suction feeder handles a wide range of paper weights
  • Side lay alignment of the sheets, prior to folding
  • Low pressure suction chamber to control curled paper before it enters the fold rollers
  • Fully enclosed fold plates with ‘dial-a-fold’ and LED display, fitted with anti-static brushes, skew and micro adjustments
  • Plug in perforating and scoring attachment
  • Variable speed
  • Tray to catch work when perforating or scoring
  • Long delivery belt stacker
  • Counting & batching
  • Double sheet, anti jam detector

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