Challenge Round Cornering Systems

cornering machines that are a perfect solution for production level round cornering requirements

SCM Round Cornering Systems

The SCM Single Cornering Machines are the perfect solution for production-level round cornering requirements. The SCM features a table designed to handle any size stock, six sizes of precision, heavy-duty knife and die sets, integrated chip catch bin, and high pile capacity. Both models are designed to ensure years of trouble-free production. The SCM is available in two models…

  • The SCM Hydraulic Round Cornering Machine powerful hydraulic operation with a 4″ lift capacity.
  • The SCM Manual Round Cornering Machine foot powered manual operation with a 2″ lift capacity.
  • Compact floor model design.
  • Clean and precise cutting action with separate cornering knife and die design.
  • Gravity chip disposal into removable waste bin.
  • Heavy-duty sturdy construction.

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